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"Hypnosis helps change attitudes, the key to changing behaviour. A person is made independent enough to solve their problems with the primary aim of healing."

Meet Dr. Umesh Sharma

Hypnosis-India is led by Dr. Umesh Sharma, Consultant Hypnotist, Phd. Hypnosis-India provides hypnotherapy and hypnosis services for different issues including breaking habits, improving mood, motivation, alcohol abuse, self improvement, relaxation techniques, self-esteem, anxiety, insomnia, shyness, weight control, nail biting, smoking cessation, stress management, fear and phobias and more.


Our Services

Hypnotism has found a place in medicine, psychology, entertainment and even dentistry. The benefits are-self-improvement, curing mental, emotional and physical ailments, controlling weight, past life regression and anaesthetic benefits during surgery. Below are of our most popular services:

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Our one-on-one sessions are completely private and confidential to provide highest level of success.


5-Path™ Hypnotherapy

It involves using hypnotic therapies in a systematic way that gives reliable results to help individuals with a broad range of issues.


Relationship Issues

Hypnosis can help you break down emotional barriers that have been stopping you from having an intimate, open, and honest relationship with your loved ones.


Self-hypnosis is a safe and effective way to make good positive changes in your life.


We have helped many individuals that wish to quit smoking but don't know how despite trying multiple things.


Young Adult Psychotherapy

We love to work with children and young adults to help them with their issues such as nail biting, test anxiety, self-esteem, sports improvement, phobias and more.


Sleeping Problems/Insomnia

We treat patients with hypnotherapy that have difficulty sleeping by looking at the root cause of the problem.

Our full range of services:

Stop Smoking


Sports Improvement


Weight Control


Grief Issues


Natural childbirth

Parenting Issues


Nail Biting



Stress Management

Anger Management


Sleeping Problems

Fears and Phobias

Pain Management

Sexual Issues

Relationship Issues


Physical Healing

and more...

Practice Areas
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